Writing-On-Stone, now an Alberta provincial park, is an especially spiritual place in Blackfoot tradition. And it was a place that we found powerful for giving us a sense of wonder and thankfulness.  This is the centre of the Blackfoot ancestral territory, where they recorded their stories in petroglyphs and pictographs from very early times.

The second gallery in this post (below) reproduces some of the rock art. Some may be several thousand years old. Many certainly predate 1730, when horses and firearms were introduced to the area, and the large round shields in many of the pictures became useless and were no longer used.

There is an interesting story about one of the pictures: No one knew the age or source of a carving of what could be covered wagons. The mystery was solved when a photograph was found showing Bird Rattle, a Piegan elder, carving Model-T Fords, which represented his trip to Writing-On-Stone. For much of his life, Bird Rattle had been barred by Indian agents from visiting this place he had known in his youth.

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