San Pedro River Valley

A few short drives from Benson in southern Arizona took us to some very interesting places.

Tombstone was one of the wildest towns in the American west, with miners, gamblers, prostitutes, robbers, gunslingers and other rough sorts, creating a “colourful” history. Nearby is the ghost town of Fairbanks, which once served as a railroad depot. Check out my previous post on the Bird Cage Theatre.

Northeast of Tombstone are the Dragoon Mountains, where Cochise held out against the US cavalry during the “Apache War” – another sad episode in America’s subjugation of indigenous people. Hiking in Cochise’s “Stronghold” was thought-provoking as well as beautiful.

Close to Benson are the Kartchner Caverns, a set of amazing “living” caves, with all formations in pristine condition. Alas, no cameras were allowed. Interestingly, no human had ever seen or entered the caves until after humans had walked on the moon. I did get some pictures hiking on the hills above the caverns.