Puerto Penasco

Jennifer and I pushed into Mexico for the first time. We backed our RV up to the seawall on Puerto Penasco’s Sandy Beach, where we can watch the shrimp boats and catch each sunset. Did I mention fresh shrimp? On the northern end of the Sea of Cortez, Puerto Penasco is a fishing village founded much later than the colonial period – hence there is no colonial architecture here.¬†Though still a fishing port, it is now also an American style resort town, three hours drive south of Phoenix. It is a place of great contradictions. The 2008 meltdown really crashed the Puerto Penasco real estate market, with many condos and other buildings still left unfinished and derelict (amid the many finished luxury condos and villas). The wealth of gringo ex-pats and snowbirds in the midst of Mexican poverty is on full display. Despite this, our experience is that Mexicans are unfailingly friendly, and we feel perfectly safe cycling around town!