Now settled for a month in Needles, California. Our first excursion was to Oatman, Arizona, a one-street, one-time mining town on the famous Route 66, with a hotel where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard made a honeymoon stop. Wild burros, descended from miners’ pack animals, wander freely. Clearly the burro in the second image can’t read the “No Parking” sign, but these burros sure know their rights! They’re protected and don’t hesitate to panhandle, pick-pocket, purse-snatch, kick and bite. The worst sanction they get is a scolding! We also saw fields of cacti on the way, and some very photogenic junk vehicles on the edge of town. The Sitgreaves Pass above Oatman was a major obstacle on the main route to California for migrants during the Great Depression.